I did a thing! This is a Labanotation Score from our Analysis class visit to experience Israeli Dance (view my previous post about our visit here).
This assignment was due in the middle of tech week for the BIG-5OH, and I remember feeling accomplished upon completion, but a lingering doubt. I recall getting home that evening at 11:30 and still needing to revise my paper that would accompany this project. As I completed this revision, I could feel the doubt rise in my gut, and I found myself double and triple checking the score thinking I had done an integrated version of structured and motif notation. In Laban language, Motif uses symbols to convey the “aboutness” of the piece and is vague in places but explicit when needed to serve the “aboutness.” Structured is exactly as it sounds, exact. There are columns for the support of the body, and what the arms and legs are doing at all times. In a frantic moment, I remember scheduling office hours with Dr. Kosstrin at like 1 or 2 am, which is a huge deal for me because I have been conditioned to always have it together. To my relief within minutes of our meeting she erased my doubts and to my surprise met me with the validation I had been seeking.  I remember in class during the “What did you learn?” portion, I responded with a confident, “I think I like notating” and elaborated to say I appreciated its function and clarity. I received the above score back last week and was so relieved and grateful to have gotten a 97!!!!!!!!.

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