I, Too, Sing America

Today I attended Columbus Museum of Art's Special Exhibition titled, I Too, Sing America. The collection of works helped display how African American's of Harlem, NY and beyond sought to reclaim the black identity in their works as a way to help redefine what it meant to be Black in America during The Harlem Renaissance. The … Continue reading I, Too, Sing America


A Nuclear Love Story

  Friday, January 11th... I walked into the Wexner Center on a buzz from the social events of the day, not realizing what was in store for the remaining hours of the day. The show program read: BERLIN Zvizdal: [Chernobyl - so far so close] The house manager opened the doors at exactly 8 o'clock … Continue reading A Nuclear Love Story

Metacognition: How do you learn?

In a reflection of the past sixteen weeks of my Educational Psychology Class course, my philosophy regarding the learning process has been expanded and refined the most. I previously viewed learning as the action of succeeding or aggressively holding the knowledge to complete a task or produce a product.  I now understand the dimensionality of … Continue reading Metacognition: How do you learn?