I was born with an innate sense of body awareness. As I have spent years compiling embodied knowledge, I have become increasingly curious about how others perceive and communicate movement.

My specific questions from this perspective are:
How do we approach movement?
How do others understand movement?
What modalities can we use to better inform movement?
How do relationships with space and others inform our humanness and further align our sense of self?

My current research is rooted in body education and that of body re-education. I am interested in how the external world informs our awareness of movement and on a visceral level, how we expose and explore our internal landscapes, in order to communicate and navigate with our whole being.

I am fascinated by the architecture of the human body, but so often its basic innate functionality is negated when approaching the complexities of the body in motion. I am interested in how the implications of imagery and kinetics can remedy this disparity of body functionality in students and performers to cultivate stronger relationships to movement within space and time. I seek to promote momentum, weight, and breath to further root our relationship to the Earth and surrounding space.